replacement for celery salt

15 Best Substitutes For Celery Salt Tasting Table . As a substitute for celery salt, nigella seed is a flavor enhancer because of its strong flavor and nutty taste. The peppery notes and the slight bitterness make nigella seeds similar to... 15 Best Substitutes For Celery Salt Tasting Table from What’s A Good Celery Salt Substitute? Your best bet: Celery seed and salt. Celery salt consists of two ingredients: celery powder and salt. Its simplicity... A decent second choice: Celery stalks. Source: 3 Substitutes for celery salt 1. Dehydrate celery. Your first alternative to celery salt is to dehydrate celery. You'll get a similar flavor to the... 2. Dill seed and salt. Dill is a herb that. Source: If you want to cut out salt entirely, try a 2:1 ratio of celery seed to onion or garlic powder. [2] D